Includes these features

    RX & TX 136-174 MHz & 400-520 MHz
    Can operate VFO mode & Channel mode at the same time
    Frequency range can be set for ham-only if desired
    RX FM Broadcast 79-108 MHz
    Wide Band & Narrow Band
    2.5 kHz tuning step for splinter frequencies
    199 Channels with Alpha Tags
    Quickly see frequency of Alpha-tagged channel
    Program separate squelch level for each channel
    Change squelch levels on the fly
    Squelch tail elimination
    Two PTT buttons if desired (programmable)
    Stun / Kill feature
    CTCSS works correctly (radio only responds if CTCSS
    signal is present)
    Set frequency limits for VFO scanning
    Channel Scanning - scanned channels can be ADDED
    or REMOVED via keypad
    Frequency Reverse function
    Talk Around function
    EASY to manually program
    Has no voice prompts:
Dual Band / Dual Watch