Receives two signals at the same time
Cross-band repeat function
Receives AM Aircraft Band / Shortwave Band / Longwave

Includes these features not found on other brands

    FHSS - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
    (for private, undetectable transmissions)
    2/Tone & 5/Tone encode and decode (will function as
    a 2/Tone pager)
    MSK encode and decode
    CTCSS works correctly (radio only responds if CTCSS
    signal is present)
    Easy to manually program
    Program separate squelch level for each channel
    Change squelch level on the fly
    Operate VFO Mode & Channel Mode at the same time
    Resumes scanning after off/on cycle
    Channel Skip for nuisance channels
    Two PTT buttons if desired (programmable)
    Quick activation of talk-around function
    Quickly see frequency of Alpha-tagged channel
    Memory banks - can assign same channel to multiple
    Assign any or all banks as "active".
    Add or remove active banks by quick key-press
    Normal scan rate / Fast scan rate
Dual Band / Dual Receive